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Slow Motion

by Dexta Daps

Slow Motion lyrics with English Translations

[Bridge: Dexta Daps & Bounty Killer] Candle light and red wine petals on the bed Baby give me loving make mi nearly lose mi head I love it when mi baby ride it like a [?] Slow it down and bubble like (Slow motion)
[Chorus: Dexta Daps & Bounty Killer] Baby your loving gives me fever Yuh mek mi feel like I woulda luv yuh Woulda luv yuh (x3) Woulda love you all night (Slow motion) Baby your love is like Tequila Intoxicating I wanna love yuh (x4) Wanna love yuh all night
[Verse 1:Bounty Killer & Baby Cham] Wi went from [?] A bun a spliff and wi a lovey dovey talk Wen wi guh home yuh know di bedroom affi dark Wi start before wi park mi back and shoulda fulla finga mark (Ayayee) Candle light a set di mood Mi naah lie mi couldn’t wait suh till mi nude Wi slow it down and wi got very very rude It betta wen it lube suh let mi express mi gratitude sing nuh Dexta
(Repeat Chorus: Dexta Daps & Bounty Killer)

[Verse 2: Bounty Killer & Baby Cham] Wen mah baby turn it and get mi ready mi nuh stop until eh dawn Mi luv fi get it in di early early morn a dat mek baby born Dem energy a lick weh head gaan clean It leave mi inna bed and mek mi sleep until mi fren dem think mi dead It lick mi chip a whole day a dat mi medz Mek mi weak inna mi legs Suh listen tuh wah Dexta Daps says Sing nuh Dexta
(Repeat Chorus: Dexta Daps & Bounty Killer)

(Repeat Bridge: Baby Cham & Bounty Killer)

(Repeat Chorus: Dexta Daps (x2))

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"Slow Motion" Song Info

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