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by Teejay

SpaceMan lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yow Donlee Uptop Camp Mobay
[Verse 1] Gun dem well load and ready fi di road Any p**sy diss mi sending him home Clip load up till eh cyaah guh nuh more Long long rifle wi nuh carry sword Eh dawg dem a [?] know di code Mi dawg name blacks jus’ gimi one chrome Mobay badness jus’ like unknown Bwoy betta gwan home wen eh dawg dem a roam
[Verse 2] Jdon di p**sy dem fulla chat Gun dem fulla shot Ready wi ready fi fly a bat Aye MayPen Carry weh wi got Murda bwoy inna anything Aye wi naffi wear nuh black Mi gyal a traffic eh road mi ave mi Matic yow mi strap Uptop Caah man wi
[Chorus] Buss dem head wid eh spaceman Yeaah ehhh (Buss dem bloodclate head) Man [?]
[Bridge] Dawg dem fulla guns and bay bomb Clap it inna farrid gi yuh facial
[?] mi dawg dem from [?] Mek rifle bines paint man
[Verse 3] Bwoy lock up yuh mouth Mi wi shot up yuh house Rifle pon yuh family wen dem try fi run out House a bun out den di gyal a run out Clap eh rifle Clap eh til di fiyah pin f**k up Wi nuh sen bwoy pan life support Clap eh rifle inna yuh head until yuh yey pluck out Bay long rifle a run out Bwoy duppy it sick stomach Uptop kill people suh much Coulda guard up obeah rub up Gyal si yuh baddi an’ throw up Rifle buss loud like Stone Love Bad from mi lil and a grow up Bwoy disappear like Hocus Pocus Mek bwoy blood a choke him Put him ears on a line daddy wid a clothespin Nuhn a mi dawgs dem nuh inna joking Rifle wi roll wid tell yuh anuh stone fling Bwoy dead inna real life anuh show film Mek a browning kill him wid a browning
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Verse 2)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Bridge)

"SpaceMan" Song Info

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