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Spoil You

by Alkaline

Spoil You lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Well well well well Well well well well Spoil you, Yellow moon, yellow moon Yea yea Bounce fi mi, bounce fi mi nuh (Bounce for me, Bounce for me please) Rest yuh standards pon the ground fi mi nuh (Put your standards on the ground for me please) Tek it off draw it down fi mi nuh (Take it off, pull it down for me please) Yah hear me (Are you hearing me)

[Chorus] Baby just mek me spoil you (Baby just let me spoil you) Get yuh anything yuh like (Get you anything that you like) Long as yuh alright then mi alright (As long as you’re alright then I’m alright) Mi know you mad that's why mi like yuh (I know you’re crazy that's why I like you) Two a we mad alike, that's right (The two of us are crazy alike, that's right) Plus yuh bumpa have the proper size (Plus your butt have the proper size) So back it up me deh behind you (So back it up, I’m behind you) Mi slap it, it mek a noise (I slap it, it makes a noise) Snap a random picture she pretty pan any side (Snapped a random picture she’s pretty on any side) Mek me spoil you, skin clean thick thighs (Let me spoil you, skin’s clean, thick thighs) Plus she bad so mi nave a choice (Plus she’s bad, so I don’t have a choice) Well well well well

[Verse 1] Me dash weh money pon gyal every time (I throw away money on girls every time) Them kiss dem teeth and pick up every dime (They kiss their teeth and pick up every dime) But mi nuh know mi nuh know (But I don’t know, I don’t know) Me see sumn inna you and me feel fi falla me mind (I see something in you and I feel to follow my mind) God know a good woman so hard fi find (God know a good woman is so hard to find) Dem seh dem love you and tun round and gi yuh dawg a shine (They say they love you and turn round and give your bro a shine) But baby dat anuh yuh (But baby that’s not you) Cause any man you gi the f**k haffi honor you (Because any man that you give the f**k has to honor you) Spoil you but we annu things friends (Spoil you but we are not things friends) From me see yuh the first time (From I see you the first time) Wah f**k yuh since then, jah know (Wanted to f**k you since then, God knows) Yuh tight dress have me inna suspense (Your tight dress have me in suspense) Me woulda mash up if you tell me seh we fi be just friends (I would go crazy if you tell me that we should be just friends) God know. Really wah fi be the one fi mek yuh life happy (Really want to be the one to make your life happy) Gi yuh yuh regular c**ky, travel the world, who fi stop wi (Give you your regular c**ky, travel the world, who can stop us) Mada rate me, bredda, sista everybody (Mother likes me, brother, sister, everybody) But the fada don't like me cah him hear she call me daddy (But the father don't like me because he heard her call me daddy) Oh well

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Glow my baby, glow my baby New man inna yuh life and it a show my baby (New man in your life and it’s showing my baby) Whole heap a plans me have fi yuh my baby (A lot of plans I have for you my baby) Until me get me first born a you my baby (Until I get my first born, it’s you my baby) All that, yea she all that (All that, yeah she’s all that) And she keep me calm so me neva go off track (And she keeps me calm so I never go off track) More than me girl mi nuh know wah fi call dat (More than my girl I don’t know what to call that) And me nuh see none a me ex weh me woulda wah back (And I don’t see any of my ex that I’d call back) Weh yuh like (What do you like) Betta yet, weh you love (Better yet, what do you love) Too pretty fi tan inna house (Too pretty to stay in the house) Go, get yuh stuff (Go, get your stuff) Under the moon light, just me and you Strikers afta this caah you know how the sinting guh (Strikers after this because you know how the thing goes) And if yuh drop me pick you up (And if you fall I’ll pick you up) Mi back you up and stick you up (I back you up and stick you up) Beat you wid the lumber pan yuh flesh till you give up (Beat you with the lumber on your flesh until you give up) Mek you feel special all year round (Make you feel special all year round) And anuh only when you birthday come (And it’s not only when your birthday come)

(Repeat Chorus)

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