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by Gage

SSL lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] This bigga than joke Smaddi tek eh money and bolt Yes sah no sah weh di bloodclaat eh money deh bwoii How comes Like JPS if mi invest uno fi pay mi yes Track and steal mi ting a di track and field Unocyaah real
[Chorus] Mi waan know weh di money deh Weh di money deh SSL weh di money deh weh di money deh Uno a play man money like song a Zip Fm Ova hundred million a nuh di diplo dem Come again Weh di money deh Weh di money deh Talk now Weh di money deh Weh di money deh Wi nuh interested in uno investment Yow a nuff money dat enuh mek eh mek sense
[Verse 1] Money fi cure Den a weh di money slide guh Which tax wen nuhn naah pile up Uno greedy doh got nuh limit Who put eh runna bank book pon lipo Like question question mi waan ask Money got foot now money can walk Money jus git up and gone a waan path An’ nubaddi nuh spot wen di billions pass A suh wi dumb uno gi wi any rass Fi ghetto yute [?] wid corruption sauce Naah listen dem enuh wen dem a talk a betta mi guh listen Valiant and Kraff Which wealth investor magician puff money disappear wen eh land inna yuh hand From mi find out seh a dat a gwaan everyday mia check out eh ten grand inna di bank
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Anuh SSL dis a cash plus anuh greedy dat a long gut Di money nuh loss di money get f**k Pack up uno Panzi scheme now and cut Smaddi tek eh money and bolt Everybaddi shock high tension volt Who tek eh billions nuhbaddi nuh know Who a do criminal wen uno clear up eh smoke mek wi know A who scamma falla pot a cuss kettle dem a travel wid scholar Anuh Psycho Bunny crime dem ya A white collar Money share up information swalla next news dat tomorrow Dem a trick wi a tell wi wah wi fi invest inna Check out wi a invest inna dem Bimma Tell Ghetto youth seh fi stop wid eh scam Nuhn a dem neva chop 2 billion dolla
(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro] How come Like JPS if mi invest uno fi pay mi yes (Hear mi a seh) How come Like JPS if mi invest uno fi pay mi yes Wid interest Suh mi waan know Weh di money deh

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