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Stay Clean

by Valiant

Stay Clean lyrics with English Translations

[Intro:Vybz Kartel] Shabdon, YGR Dem know who we are
[Verse 1:Vybz Kartel & Valiant] Bleach out ye di cake soap affi bake slow Suh mi stay snow face glow inna mi shades low Dolce Gabbana Fimi style dem cyaah falla Gyalis before mi cornrow from mi fade low Stab yuh wid a tail comb if yuh play roun everything balance Designa eh cyaah common
[Chorus:Vybz Kartel] Mi eva stay clean, eva stay clean Gyal seh mi sweet like bake bean f**k her every night mek she day dream Both di mada and di daughter a praise me
[Verse 2:Vybz Kartel & Valiant] Balmain, it fulla bere mixtures Uptown gyal a whine pan mi TikTok 9x, when it squeeze, yuh know ‘e chip Glock Any talk weh mi mek yuh know a it dat Dior pan mi shoes Armani suite cost over two grand A never science mi use Tek yuh gyal, put yuh ina mi new [?] Air Jordans tuff pan mi foot Anuh walk mi a walk, mi a float Doh styl? mi Givench when hun puff ‘e high drug Nuh China mad?, [?] Sharper dan di razor, di barber a [?] Mi [?] cologne caress yuh nose bone Di best mi [?] Di rest we postpone
(Repeat Chorus)

[Valiant] (Yow ShabDon)
[Verse 3:Vybz Kartel & Valiant] Cyah leff out Clarks, as di WorldBoss Whether Wallabees or a round Dessert Clarks And mi gyal deh ina one, ina her brown short shorts Every yute a Ochi have a pair weh him floss Big fat Benz ina Canada gyal a seh she wah fada White T-shirt and mi shoes a Prada Mek a mill in a minute Nineties, Brampton, different cities Yuh doh affi rich fi look good Fi put yuh self together like Jigsaw puzzle Just doh be a waste bwoy or a [?] Match ‘e style wid ‘e colour, match di vibes wid ‘e mood Style a beat dem bad, mi nah ask you Cologne dem stink a mek yuh gyal act up Fi a [?] mine mi come shot you
(Repeat Chorus:Vybz Kartel)

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"Stay Clean" Song Info

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