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Street Cred

by Skeng

Street Cred lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Aye bwoy!!! Betta humble yuh self Before buddha affi chop off yuh head Yuh hear mia told yuh Gunman Coop
[Verse 1] Chip a dan chip Enemy a vanquish Ratty man dis everything accomplish Baay gunman deh yah Wi nuh fren fish Di bagga likkle bwoy ting dem Mi nuh deal wid Di wull family mad dawg [?] Grab di place likka giant and shake it Skate pass pon a grengas and weave it Bull dawg hear dis
[Chorus] Spain town seh fi squeeze it Tell a bwoy don’t ramp wid mi street cred Mi wull dem and kill dem neatly Bay bines jussa fly It nuh fly inna sky Inna face gunman dat sweet mi Lif up every matic weh yuh buy from Haiti Shocka mek bwoy maro fly like spaceship Nuhn a my fren dem finga nuh lazy Select it and blaze it
[Verse 2] Yow hear mi out Mi neva plan it out A seventeen inna di glock and mi a dash it out A ratty gang a rule Sekkle fimi now And listen tuh di voice Distruction a roam Spain town our ground Tap banks fully out Cupscout dem a fool Dead bwoy dead yah now Mi killa dem a town bun dung yuh house A suh wi teleport An’ it nuh tell a court
[Bridge] Mi nuh laugh wid people No sah Wi kill bwoy middle day Mi and mi fren dem born fi bi evil (Born fi be evil) From school days Skeng Don a march wid eh tallest Eagle Bulla soon seagull three star Now a unknown vehicle (Pull up inna vehicle) Mi wi chop out yuh head p**syhole Mi wi kill….
(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

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"Street Cred" Song Info

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