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Tek It lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yeh bbz a jus yuh loyalty (Yes bbz it’s just your loyalty) Mek man rate yuh suh tuh enuh (Make man rate you so too you know) Mek sure yuh know dat (Make sure you know that)
[Pre-Chorus]] Baby you ah fimmi darlin skin smooth (Baby you’re for me darlin skin smooth) Yuh ah fimmi barbie (You’re for me barbie) Skin it out now fi yuh papi (Open it out now for your papi) Mek mi stab it (Make me stab it) Gyal yuh impress mi all di time (Girl you impress me all the time) Even though a girl like you is so hard to find Yuh deh pon mi mind like all di time (You there on my mind like all the time) Slowly wen yuh whine yuh put my mind into trauma (Slowly when you whine you put my mind into trauma) Nuh matta how much wi cuss an’ fight an’ yuh draw fi knife (No matter how much we curse an’ fight an’ you draw for knife) Naah disown yuh (Not disowning you) An’ any bwoy step tuh yuh mek him know (And any boy step to you make he know) Di don own yuh (The don own you) Di last time yuh ask mi (The last time you ask me) How bad mi bi (How bad I be) Now a di time fimi show yuh (Now is the time for me show you)
[Chorus] Suh jus tek it tek it, (So just take it take it,) If yuh want it (If you want it) Yuh seh yuh horny (You say your horny) Suh bruck it all off, gyal pan eh ting yuh full a style (So break it all off, girl on the thing your full of style) An’ yuh seh yuh can climb suh nuh fall off (And you say you can climb so don’t fall off) Grip yuh neck an’ sink it in deepa (Grip your neck and sink it in deeper) Oh god a mi back shi a crawb off (Oh god it’s my back she crawling off) Gyal yuh tan good suh nuh listen tuh some gyal (Girl you stay good so don’t listen to some girl) Wen dem a talk cause a yuh dem a falla (When they talk cause it’s you they are following)
[Verse 1] Doorway mi stop and pull up (Doorway I stop and pull up) Shi nuh inna no draws, no braw (She don’t in panty, no bra) Oh god An’ yuh nuh lidung inna bed a gain pound (And you don’t lay down in bed gaining pound) Like money weh spend a England (Like money that spend at England) Yuh nuh stay suh (You don’t stay so) Tru some gyal naah live eh lifestyle (Because some girl not living the lifestyle) Weh yuh a live? (Where you living?) Mek some a dem hate yuh (Make some of them hate you) Suh walk out and braff pan a gyal (So walk out and show off on a girl) Yuh independent yuh have yuh own place too (You independent you have your own place too)
[Bridge] Yuh set good gyal (You set good girl) Gyal yuh body natural (Girl your body natural) Mi personal barbie doll (My personal barbie doll) Girl yuh phenomenal (Girl you phenomenal) Yuh set good gyal (You set good girl) Gyal yuh body natural (Girl your body’ s natural) Mi barbie doll (My barbie doll) Girl yuh phenomenal (Girl you phenomenal) (Repeat Pre-Chorus) (Repeat Chorus)

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