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Tell Me How Come

by Morgan Heritage

Tell Me How Come lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Ah, if it wasn't for Rastafari (Rastafari) I and I would have no strength to survive Oh, let us take a look around (take a look around) See what's going down.. why, why, why, why? Yow!

[Verse 1] Tell me how come, here in Jamaica So many people still a fight Rasta Tell me how come, down at East Fest Dem neva charge Beenie Man but dem charge Sizzla (They didn't charge Beenie Man but they charged Sizzla) Tell me how come, people ah suffer out ah street (Tell me how come, people are suffering in the streets) Nuff, nuff people love the Prime Minister (A lot of people love the Prime Minister) Tell me how come, those in power don't seem to care

[Chorus] It's 'cause life is so unfair In this sweet paradise This is what we swear "Out of many, one people" Can you say you see that anywhere Everyone treated equal? And this is why So many die Leaving so many to cry

[Verse 2] Tell me how come, there's so many guns in the street An' none a dem gun deh neva mek ya Tell me how come, AIDS is spreading wide Taking over this sweet paradise of Jamaica Tell me how come, the dollar value's going down (down) And everything's going up around town (town) Tell me how come, Bogle had to get gunned down

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Tell me how come, di youth dem downtown (Tell me how come, the youths downtown) Can't receive di education like de youth dem uptown (Can't receive the education like the youths uptown) Tell me how come, Jah Cure deh ah jail (Tell me how come, Jah Cure's still at jail) And de prosecution know he's innocent and shouldn't be there (And the prosecution know he's innocent and shouldn't be there) Tell me how come so much hungry belly outta street (Tell me how come so much hungry people on the street) And Babylon a gwaan like seh dem nuh see it (And the system is acting like they don't see it) Tell me how come people see it an' nah speak (Tell me how come people see it and don't speak)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro] Tell me why its so unfair Soooo many cry My, my.. Oh, oh.. yey yeah..

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