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Ten Cane Row

by Protoje

Ten Cane Row lyrics with English Translations

[Verse 1] Right now me feel me woulda speak 'bout this queen I know Meet her right outside of this one stage show She tell me say she like how me sing 'Same So' And when she hear the bass move her waist well slow And she have her edges laid with 'bout ten cane row Da girl yah set a way, make you want stay close She say if a today she a go roll with Pro If she call Oje, well you know how that go And she don't like to be seen, so she want keep low That's similar to me, move incognito And take her off the scene, windows can't peep through Go up inna the hills where the tall trees grow To a location only we know We reach we destination, what's the pree now? We speak philosophy and things she read 'bout Then view the constellation, blowing weed smoke
[Chorus] I like what you think about me In this moment, just think about us Say you prefer to be free Don't you see that it's never enough I'm trying to give you what you need My love you'll receive if you really want So let's proceed, moments like these Ain't something that you got for too long I'm trying hard to give it all to you I'm trying hard to care 'cause you're still so special to me, baby
[Verse 2] So special, make you smile if you frown Take flight if you down You hit my line, ring the phone Say you might in the town Many nights spent alone So you tempted to doubt But you can't fend without me Make love surround we A queen in her glory I'm lost in her gaze Eyes bright like the morn I'm avoiding the shade Heart did cold, now it warm Used to dark like a spade But she nah draw no card And me nah play no games So, wha' you say
(Repeat Chorus)

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