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The Pain

by Shaneil Muir

The Pain lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yow sponge music yea–aah (Yo Sponge Music yea–aah) Yeah yeah yeah, Fada God (Father God) A yuh alone (It’s you alone) Dem nuh know di pain mi feel (They don’t know the pain I feel) Rest In Peace yeah
[Chorus] Wen mi si yuh pickney dem (When I see your children) Mi si yuh face (I see your face) Cyah pretend like mi nuh wah (Can’t pretend like I don’t want) Defend the pain, But only God knows How yuh tell a two years old (How you tell a two years old) Seh him mommy dead (Say his mommy dead) And yuh nuh si daddy again (And you not seeing daddy again) Cyah pretend like mi nuh wah (Can’t pretend like I don’t want) Defend the pain, But only God knows Fada God a yuh alone (Father God it’s you alone)
[Verse 1] Nuh form a money inna di world (No form of money in the world) Cyah bring yuh back (Can’t bring you back) Cyah believe seh mi nah go si yuh back (Can’t believe that I’m not going to see you back) Best believe mi got yuh kid dem (Best believe I got your kids) And anything mi have gi dem (And anything I have I give them) And a fi dem once a fi mi dat (And it’s for them once it’s for me that) Yuh did know seh mi have yuh back (You did know that I have your back) Yuh nuh duh nobaddi nuhn (You don’t do nobody nothing) Tell mi why dem would a do yuh dat (Tell me why they would’ve do you that) Rest in peace Mi can not take it (I cannot take it) And mi nuh really like fi smile but (And I don’t really like to smile but)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Suh yuh feel yuh ago eat (So you feel you’re going to eat) Sleep, comfortable inna di street? (Sleep comfortable in the street?) While mi family inna pain (While my family’s in pain) Everyday wi affi weep (Everyday we have to weep) Wah hurt mi di most (What hurt me the most) A fi know dem a toast wen (It’s to know them toasting when) Dem si mi people dem guh (They see my people go) Six feet deep But wat goes around come right back (But what goes around come right back) And wen yuh kids dem (And when your kids) Shed a tear mi wipe dat (Shed a tear I wipe that) A true a mi alone dem have (It’s because me alone they have) Mek mi nuh fight back oh oh ooh a God alone (Make me don’t fight back oh oh ooh it’s God alone)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Bridge] God know a yuh alone (God know it's you alone) You alone, you alone yeah yea Yuh si di pain, yuh know di pain (You see the pain, you know the pain) Yeaaayeaah Dem nuh know (They don’t know) Dem nuh know (They don’t know)
(Repeat Chorus)

"The Pain" Song Info

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