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TIP (The Party)

by Stalk Ashley

TIP (The Party) lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Ladies di party staat now! (Ladies the party start now!) Mi naah tell nuh lie (I’m not telling no lie) Mi luv how di gyal dem dolled up (I love how the girls dolled up) Uno a gwaan (Y’all going on) All daah one deh mi waan stalk yuh (That one there I want to stalk you) Mi like yuh carry on (I like your carry on)
[Verse 1] First Impression I’m somebody that will give Without no question She and me are not the same That’s facts looking like a f**king mess Up in everybody section Sad you couldn’t f**k with my dressing Ay I don’t even dress to impress him He gone do whatever I like Pon di tight tight tight (On the tight tight tight) Give him head concussion
[Pre-Hook] Raise your hand to I’m flowing If yuh si mi with a bottle (If you see me with a bottle) B*tch I’m partying Your nigga loooking like he know I am a problem Best believe I can have him if I want him
[Hook] But mi ride pon eh tip tip tip (But I ride on the tip tip tip) Tip tip tip tip tip tip Wen mi ride pon it yea (When I ride on it yea) Tip tip tip tip tip tip tip Tip tip tip tip tip Whine pon eh yeah (Whine on it yeah)
[Verse 2] Seh yuh annual yuh affi show me (Say your annual you have to show me) If you keep it coming I won’t leave you lonely Pop a band while I do my dance Touching on my ass Watch me shake it fast Thought you on a drug Make you wanna jerk on me And f**k on me Mhmm Maybe you could get it if I get what I need They know my chip fat Then a now mi can addict sex (Then it’s now I can addict sex) Why di f**k mi go suh hard (Why the f**k I go so hard) And my reply is
(Repeat Pre-Hook)

(Repeat Hook)

[Bridge] If you ain’t tipping she ain’t stripping Like you won’t even catch a nip slipping like Brown nigga you stripping B*tch Which honest you a flowing If you see me with a bottle B*tch I’m (ouu) Your nigga looking like he know I am a problem Best believe I can have him if I want him Wen mi ride pon eh (When I ride on it)
[Outro] Gyal yuh look gud (Girl you look good) Gyal yuh smell gud (Girl you smell good) Walk out inna yuh house (Walk out in your house) Yuh tan good (You stay good) Weh yuh fren deh?! (Where your friend at?!) Wull up yuh fren han’ (Hold up your friend’s hand) Walk out wid yuh gudas fren mi gyal (Walk out with your good friend my girl) Step up Wooii Watch de (Watch there) Wooii Party nice eeh Woo woo woii Every gyal now right now (Every girl now right now) Yow Stalk Ashley (Yo Stalk Ashley) Gyal (Girl)

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