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Top Ranking

by Skillibeng

Top Ranking lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Top Ranks Yuh sih? Yuh sih?
[Chorus] Top ranking Ah badman thing, (Yeah man, it’s gangster’s thing,) Badman thing (Yeah) (Gangster’s thing (Yeah)) Top ranking Ah badman ting, (It’s gangster’s thing,) Ah badman ting (Yeah) Top ranking, top ranking Yeah man, ah badman ting, (Yeah man, it’s gangster’s thing,) Badman thing (Yeah)
[Verse 1] Wah mek yuh bat flick (That makes your bat flick) I pump rifle, ah one crank ting (I pump rifle, it’s a one crack thing) Lik pregnant gyal, mi point and spit (Like a pregnant girl, I point and spit) Hear people ah bawl, (Hear people crying,) MAC90 AK shot pointed Anuh knife when shot ah slice an’ peel (It’s not knife when shot is) (Slicing and peeling) Eye lock down like Chinese
[Pre-Chorus] Pan clip pon chop stick (Pan clip on chop stick) Yuh wi' vanish or go pon fridge (You will vanish or go on fridge) To di airport, deh suh yuh marrow go (To the airport,) (That’s where your marrow goes) Mi nuh fear Po (I don’t fear Po) Mi wi' bomb yuh house (I will bomb your house) Osama Bin Laden Anuh chattin' (It isn’t talking) Mula wid e mini 'K (Mula with the mini ‘K) Run dem inna garbage (Run then in a garbage) An’ mi seh trigger play, (And I say trigger play,) Anuh rampin' (It isn’t playing) Shub dem inna grave, (Shub then in a grave,) Mi nuh put dem inna bandage (I don’t put them in bandage) (Yuh sih?) ((You see?))
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] (Amount of people woke up) Wen di place ah nail (When the place is nailing) Draco wave up like Wen pirates sail out (When pirates sail out) Ah yuh chest ah tear out (You’re chest going to tear out) Bomboclaat! Wet yuh wen di rain done (Wet you when the rain finished) Nothing nuh clear up (Nothing isn’t clear up) Everywhere ah f**k up (Everywhere is f**king up) Lik wen Jada shake up (Like when Jada shake) Nuh fear nowhere (Don’t fear nowhere) Nuh circumference (No circumference) Nuh f**kin’ radius (No f**king radius) Anywhere mi stray guh, (Anywhere I stray to,) Anuh mi alone, ah mi ah bare gun (It’s not me alone, it’s me and a lot of gun) Tell dem 'bout di fuego (Tell them about the fuego) Flames ah blaze (Flames are blazing) Suh clear di way if yuh (So clear the way if you) Nuh wan' yuh brain end up (Don’t want your brain to end up) Ah Turks and Caicos, surgeon fail yuh (At Turks and Caicos, surgeon fail you)
(Repeat Post-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

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