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Unfaithful Games

by Teejay

Unfaithful Games lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Girl, girl Yeah
[Verse 1] Seh shi cyan bada, cyan bada wid love, it hurt (Said she can't bother, can't bother with love, because it hurts) Seh ah never she choose dis yah, (Said she wasn't the one that choose this) Dis chooseher (This chose her) Seh shi wou lda f*ck pon yuh (Said she would cheat on you) Make yuh feel how it feel, 'cause she hurt (So you can feel how it feels, because she is hurt) Dats wat you deserve (You deserve that) Yeah
[Chorus] But take your time now darling You don't have?to call him Cum mek mi f*ck yuh right now, right now, right now, right now (Come let me f**k you right now, right now, right now, right now) Inna di morning (In the morning) Scream pon mi name and call it (Scream on my name and call it) Luv hear when yuh bawling (Love to hear when you're crying) Cum mek mi f*ck yuh right now, right now, inna di morning (Come let me f**k you right now, right now in the morning)
[Verse 2] Gyal (Girl) Come roll wid ah real G (Roll with a real G) Gyal yuh pretty bad, look like a Riri (Girl you're very pretty, you look like Riri) Mi nuh watch pussy enuh babes (I don't watch vagina babe) Wen mi tell yuh di truth (When I tell you the truth) Ah yuh a mi TV (You are my TV) Gyal (Girl) Luv when yuh skin it out wide (Love when you open out wide) Gimmi inna di house, and yuh gimmi outside Why everytime wi fuck, (Why everytime we sex) yuh ah tun off di light? (Your turning off the light?) Gyal yuh pretty, don't hide (Ah ah) ((Repeat Chorus)) ((Repeat Verse 1)) ((Repeat Chorus))
[Bridge] Girl, girl Yeah ((Repeat Chorus))
[Outro] Girl, girl Yeah

"Unfaithful Games" Song Info

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