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by Teejay

Visa lyrics with English Translations

[Bridge 1] Put a house upon hill bro dat a mi wish Mi a duh dis till mi old mi nuh si nuh finish Suh wen I si mi outside handle di business Nuh call mi phone mi bro fi drink nuh Guinness Ye ye ye ye ye ye
[Chorus 1] Deh ya an’ a gwaan watch it pree, dawg Affi dweet big life real hard Mi dawg seh him waan get a Visa But if eh nuh come mi aguh leave yard Mankind tricky like trick yard Suh guide my step inna street Lord A who aguh dah ya if me gone Mi stop pree life like retard
[Post-Chorus] Everything jus feel different Mi nuh need dem Oh mi just need myself f**ked up inna mi brain Right now da ya dow whole a evil medz Don’t know who tuh trust or who tuh call my fren Stay by myself
[Verse 1] Pressure mek diamond Suh mi whole di survival Mi and yuh anuh size wi could a neva bi rival Wen dem seh mi fall off mi in a studio tuh write song MI duh dis by mi side fi mi nuh reach a di final An’ even if mi fall touch it fi guh harder Never seh mi fully auto Dem waan mi slaughter get di blessings from di father We set di order man solid as a rock Yea mi a Gibraltar
[Chorus 2] Struggles may on my shoulder Wi live and wi learn mi a soldier Pressure get hard and di bottom mi rough But di victory’s sweet wen it’s over I’m a hero I’m a champion I’m a hero I am number one
[Bridge 2] Yeah put a house up on di hill Mi a duh di still mi a mi nuh si nuh finish Suh wen yuh si mi outside handle di business Nuh call mi phone bro fi drink nuh Guinness Wi a di illest sickest and a nuh syphilis Winter freash riggles illest million da pon mi wrist Nuff a seh yuh fi dead some seh yuh did it
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Post-Chorus)

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"Visa" Song Info

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