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Walk & Live

by Shane O

Walk & Live lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Talk and bomboclaat dead" Ye mon everything weh lef inna it Jus gi him it man
[Verse 1] Yow mi grimey as f**k Gun inna hand while mia f**k p**sy throat nuh tile mia cut From bwoy fi dead and di crime fi hot up Get mi two gun find mi a croc Load di tank a gas and full di car A rifle and cut Dem mark di Bimma dem get trick Neva know mine di Paso Nine [?] Ball inna yey mi crack up anytime mi pop up Bwoy weh try fi chat up Jaw twist nuh time fi plait up Ceremony done bible lock up
[Verse 2] Si mi wid eh mini 14 Anuh child mia touch Bines mia flush inna some suck p**sy Killers Weh tek sex life fi a fudge Murda people f**k emotions Who nuh like mi a suh Mi fulla style mia clutch
[Chorus] Dem mouth shoulda zip Nikki Z thirty two di clip eh keep Bou happy birthday p**sy yuh naah guh live fi seet Dem naah fiyah nuh shot dem only fiyah syphilis One inna head wi gi fi sleep Glock eh chip eh clean Catch him wen him a sip eh tea Suh mi pull up Kikikiee Full him up Full him up Full him up One strike force wi wicked Unda ground deh wi sen bwoy guh live fi real
[Verse 3] Dem Honda nuh swift a dan mi trigga finga If a man thinks him bad Pull up, skin bun up as di clock tick a bomb Nuh f**k wid eh crocs memba wi live inna swamp Nuh think eh thing a jam Ten ?? one time Nuh think di thing a ramp Mi nuh need a man a dis mi tek get rid a gang Di reader man cyaah save yuh Eve Adam Submistic to mi gun Di Matic wa mi bring along mouth a eh Eagle What a heart evil man
[Bridge] Yuh duppy did a call yuh God a bell yuh Parabello Shoulda listen wen Max a tell yuh
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Verse 2)

(Repeat Chorus)

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"Walk & Live" Song Info

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