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We Don't Play

by Popcaan

We Don't Play lyrics with English Translations

[Intro:Popcaan] Unruly! Woii yoii
[Verse 1:Jafrass] Bwoy deh 'pon di freeza a chill like beach (Boy there on the freezer chillin like beach) People a dead wen di Killy dem reach (People dying when the Killies reach) Quada Don tie rope round yuh neck like leech (Quada Don tie rope around your neck like leech) Outta yuh bredda gate, (Out of your brother gate,) Mi and Libya a bleach (Me and Libya bleaching)
[Verse 2:Quada] Big MAC-11 travel 'pon di front seat (Big MAC-11 travel on the front seat) And mi a give yuh di whole of it inna yuh front teeth (And I’m giving you the whole of it in your front teeth) Diss sup' si him a gap 'pon di cold concrete (Diss sup see him gapping on the cold concrete) Plus him get a pretty gift named coffin and wreath
[Verse 3:Popcaan] Bwoy, (Boy,) Why yuh sell yuh soul tuh di Killy dem? (Why you sell your soul to the killies?) Jafrass seh, "Poppy, every duppy, gimme dem" (Jafrass say, “Poppy, every ghost, give me them”) P**sy, Yuh nuh bad like Miss Kitty fren (You not bad like Miss Kitty friend) It's a pleasure fi mi squeeze up di Zigga dem (It’s a pleasure for me squeeze up the Zigga them) Dem a nuh nuh badman, dem just a try (They’re no gangster, they just trying) Mek duppy bat fly like butterfly (Nake ghost bat fly like butterfly)
[Chorus 1: Popcaan] Wi don't play, put shot inna head side (We don’t play, put shot in head side) P**sy violate Unruly and dead at your bedside, (P**sy violate Unruly and dead at your bedside,) Yeah Hey Jafrass nah laugh wen mi shoob out di.forty-five (Jafras not laughing when I push out the forty-five) Wild Crocodile kill dem brawling outside, (Wild Crocodile kill them brawling outside,) Yeah Woii yoii
[Verse 4:Quada] Cho P**sy bury first wen di MAC-11 buss (P**sy bury first when the MAC-11 burst) Neva know seh di street dem perilous (Never know that the streets perilous) Dark! Wild and devilous Bwoy drop a grung wen di forty-seven buss (Boy drop at ground when the forty-seven burst)
[Verse 5: Jafrass] Hmmm, Dem shouldn't trouble wha' nuh trouble dem (They shouldn’t trouble what don’t trouble them) Quada, Rise di rifle, make wi guh fi dem, (Rise the rifle, make we go for them,) Oh Murda di dappa, si di puppy dem (Murder the dappa, see the puppies) Dem a own crime weh a nuh fi dem, (They’re owning crime that’s not for them,) Uh
[Verse 6:Quada] One word an’ di wild crocodile (One word and the wild crocodile) From yuh diss man, mi rise up yuh file (From you diss man, I rise up your file) Everybaddi dun know Miller, suh mi eva ave di nine}} (Everybody already know Miller, so I alway have the nine) Poppy seh fi create di crime time (Poppy said to create the crime time)
[Verse 7: Popcaan] Quada! Mi use di SK and guh dash dem 'weh (I use the SK and go dash them away) White sheet rap dem up a trash dem deh (White sheet rap them up it’s trash they are) Dem fi know man ash like ash Wednesday (They should know man’s ash like ash Wednesday) And people haffi dead like Clash Wednesday (And people have to dead like Clash Wednesday) Tell dem (Tell them)
[Chorus 2] We don't play, Put shot inna head side (Put shot in head side) Bwoy diss Quada Don and dead at him bedside, (Boy diss Quada Don and dead at his bedside,) Yeah Versatile don't play, Put shot inna head side (Put shot in head side) Bwoy diss Brain and dead at him bedside, (Boy diss Brain and dead at his bedside,) Yeah Woii yoii
[Verse 8: Popcaan] Jungle mek shot kick him like Bigga Thompson (Jungle make shot kick him like Bigga Thompson) Rema kill yuh wid di pan Thompson (Rema kill you with the pan Thompson) Di world dun know man a Killy (The world already know man’s a Killy) And mi skull top hot like di cell dem inna Horizon (And my skull top hot like the cells in Horizon) R-real ol' murdera guh buss yuh head at town (R-real ol' murderer go burst your head at town) Catch yuh inna car, Porsche, 'bout yuh deh 'pon phone (Catch you in car, Porsche, ‘bout you there on phone) Big fat Beretta go sing di ringtone (Big fat Beretta go sing the ringtone) Dem find dem dead inna di wicked man zone (They find them dead in the wicked man zone)
[Verse 9: Jafrass] Country have rifle weh thick and weighty (Country have rifle that’s thick and weighty) Couple 9 milli weh wi ship from Haiti (Couple 9 milli that we ship from Haiti) Bwoy, nuh think badman shaky (Boy, don’t think gangster shaky) Memba yuh just pick up badness lately (Remember you just pick up badness lately) Unruly Boss, Use di choppa and chop him up fine (Use the choppa and chop him up fine) Any bwoy violate, dem picking up coin (Any boy violate, they’re picking up coin) Buss dem head wen dem sipping up wine (Burst their head when they’re sipping up wine) As him pick up him cup (As he pick up his cup) Him a pick up carbine (He's picking up carbine)
(Repeat Chorus 1: Popcaan)

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