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Weh U Woulda Do

by Tommy Lee Sparta

Weh U Woulda Do lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Good Good Production Yow Sparta Don (Yo Sparta Don) Yuh nuh (You know) Yow Zum (Yo Zum) Mhhmm
[Bridge 1] Weh yuh woulda duh? (What would you do?) (Weh yuh woulda duh?) ((What would you do?)) Weh yuh woulda duh? (What would you do?)
[Chorus] Weh yuh woulda duh? (What would you do?) Warn yuh bout yuh fren longtime (Warn you about your friend longtime) An’ as yuh tun yuh back (And as you turn your back) Yuh get a knife juck (You got a knife juck) Weh yuh woulda duh? (What would you do?) Far wi a come from School days halfa pencil an’ a book (Far we are coming from School days half of pencil and a book) Weh yuh woulda duh? (What would you do?) Play supa hero like christ (Play super hero like christ) An’ end up duh wah christ duh fi yuh (And end up do what christ did for you) What dat dem guh duh? (What that they did?) Yuh nuh listen not a word weh mi say (You don’t listen not a word that I say) A suh yuh get in a problem (That’s how you get in problem) Weh yuh woulda duh? (What would you do?) Wen nuhn naah gwaan mi nuh si dem (When nothing not going on I don’t see them) Only come around wen mi up again (Only come around when I’m up again) Weh yuh woulda duh? (What would you do?) Gi dem a bullet an’ seh guh kill a fren (Give them a bullet and say go kill a friend) All gi dem a rope fi hang dem self (Even give them a rope to hang their self) Aye a wah dat dem guh duh? (Hey what’s that they did?) Put a thousand dolla pon yuh head (Put a thousand dollar on your head) Weh yuh woulda duh? (What would you do?) F**king hungry belly bwoy guh wull a medz (F**king hungry belly boy go meditate) Stay in a yuh lane before yuh dead (Stay in your lane before you die)
[Verse 1] Tuh mi real frenz be loyal (To my real friends be loyal) Friendship naah sink like dung a Port Royal (Friendship not sinking like down at Port Royal) Naah diss dem mi mek who waan’ fi leave walk gwaan (Not dissing them I make who want to leave walk and gone) Everything good Mi deliva war fi anybody waan’ war (I deliver war to anybody want war) Time naah move slow (Time not moving slow) Dat’s why mi want a fast car (That’s why I want a fast) Fly past eh Eden dem inna di last off (Fly past the Edens in the last off) Fling hundred dolla bill (Fling hundred dollar bill) Mek di gyal dem [?] (Make the girls [?]) Henny a mi foot [?] (Henny at my foot [?])
[Bridge 2] Weh dem a duh? (What are they doing?) Study man loyalty Dis anuh book (This isn’t book) Naah sidung an’ (Not sitting down and)
[?] Weh dem a duh? (What are they doing?) Dutty heart one Coconut cyaah help yuh (Dirty heart one Coconut can’t help you) Yuh need a dozen (You need a dozen) Mhmm
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Bridge 2)

[Outro] A wah dat dem a duh (What’s that they doing?) Mhmm (A wah dat dem a do) ((What's that they’re doing?)) (Wah dat dem a do)... ((What's that they’re doing?...))

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