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Wha Gwaan

by Gage

Wha Gwaan lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Southside Yuh know eh legend dem outside Yuh know eh medz always get deep Wen time mi burn a 5 grand bag from Skinny Jus a bun spliff and a sit down ya suh and a
[Bridge] Wonder wa gwaan Wa gwaan in a Dancehall Dem seh di hardcore business get too soft Big up every young star mi si a shoot off Turn on the lights mi si who a move off
[Verse 1] Fans uno wait mek mi talk deh fimi sista and mi breda dem Every time one of dem raise and fall It’s like another fren gone Big up yourself Shen mi si yuh drop di Beast again Your fans dem a yaad luv yuh Hope yuh still memba dem Skillibeng wa gwaan wid eh Beng? Shell di place and from di contract sign dat a hit again Alka know you’re influential and you did a lot Nothing can snatch it but if yuh did yuh naffi video dat Valie wi si di video wid Papi Hope him did tell yuh sarry As a artist weh suh big him shoulda learn from Addi Hope nuh feelings naah carry jus yuh link from Saint Mary mi a look Mi naah tary Masicka know yuh bad lyrically fear nobody Yuh nuh think Skeng deh pon yuh level cause him pop di Molly But a music weh a duh fi mek di fans dem happy
[Chorus] Mi waah know wah gwaan wah gwaan Yuh memba oh wi did waan dis dawg Yeah yeah A nuff a wi pass di hardest path Suh wa gwaan a now wi fi start pree smart How come Alkaline and Kartel naav a collab yet dawg
[Verse 2] Grace hope yuh tek care of your health Hope yuh nuh deh a foreign and I do tuh much tuh yuhself Yuh prove a lot already yuh naffi duh a ting again Rebel a still yuh pickney dem hope one day jus mek it up wid dem And Tommy Lee wi nuh waan yuh guh a jail again Teacha yuh too bad enu fi nuh deh a road again mi fren it will happen Teejay Romeich good enuh jus gwaan pree yuh self Mi want yuh out a depression and back inna yuh Benz If nuff yute reach weh yuh deh dem duh di rest dem self Mi naah hate pon yuh mi rate yuh music family Couldn’ sing alla dis and nuh a mi nuh talk about miself I’m still di young legend mi coulda bi anybody else Aduh bi di brightest star mi seh dat wid out apology And if a Dancehall mi rip dat enu jus like Bounty If uno nuh get di acknowledgment mi aguh acknowledge eh And mi nah beg nuh fren fraa nuhbaddi
(Repeat Chorus x2)

(Repeat Bridge)

[Verse 3] Dapa mi know a gyal a neva man Shane O low di dark room and come sing to your fans And Jahsii stop di screaming wen yuh singing all these songs Because a First Nation yuh seh not a First born Mi si artist tun clown and nuhbadii naah laugh Nowadays everybaddi chicken out dem naav nuh sauce Nuff a dem nuh find nuh song big like Jada all now A full time dem gi har di front page and mek shi gwaan A Gage deh pon di track enu suh truth about fi talk Sizzla Kalonji we know you’re smart but yuh dark A many ways yuh ave enuh fi links get cut off But pon di media yuh a perform like Kalid a naee yuh dawg Top girl Shaneil Muir wi dun si wa gwaan Pon di Tv yuh a bawl Meanwhile me deh ya a laugh Wi si di tears inna yuh yey wi know seh pain inna yuh heart But obstacles inna Dancehall
(Repeat Chorus)

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"Wha Gwaan" Song Info

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