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When We A Step

by Bounty Killer

When We A Step lyrics with English Translations

[Intro: Both] Shane Brown 17 Park Jahshii,General Yuh ready fi leff the wull place gashy,now eno A whamu to dem fassy, They don't want to see us living happy Wah them plan fi do(huh) Fi make it every ghetto youth have e A whamu to dem,go ask poppy Kaboom (well)
[Verse 1: Both] Nuh tell me nuh f**kry,nuh ask mi no nonsense Mi full a killers and thugs from Grants Pen From bullet fi buy couple grand spend From boy fi die millions spend From the killer war school me nuh absent Different class a crime,we nuh contest Have a K that longer than arms length Wah mi a fire cops nuh have dem
[Verse 2: Both] Diss me and nuh stop stress,trigger nuh stop press Choppa a chop neck,man a go black dress Have a few gyal weh wi kill yuh but them a nuh actress One in yuh mouth mek it buss like abscess Point to them brain,steadily mi aim Travel wid the hellster a sen them to the grave In a cemetery fi lay,tell eh enemy mi brave Headshot boy fade(well) Well done,welcome Gash dem,bun dem,igl,petcom Sen fi you dog is a pet come Mi never bring yuh vet come,is a bombo rassclaat intratec come Green Light murderer,we nuh leff gun Pull up pon yuh foot and everybody pon yuh ends run Shot inna farrid and mi nuh know weh the head tun Mummy never get fi witness har dead son(pull up dat)
[Chorus: Both] When,when,when we deh step Make yuh heaven date when mi empty the tec The devil affi fraid to how mi deal wid the death Mi get it by the print so mi sen fi bread A couple millions put a price pon yuh head top Violate and yuh family a dead back We full a metal like out a the weld shop Iron teeth that a enter them head back We nuh gi chest shot
[Verse 3: Bounty Killer] The shotty pebble a nuh marble Baay shot a ring yuh death a call yuh Guardsman could a guard youu Benelli fire and nuh man nuh leff Roll out wid mah tint,them deevn get a hint Window crack and shot firing Nuh leave nuh trace,mi deevn leff a fingerprint Write a letter to yuh family,use yuh blood as the ink
[Verse 4:Both] General say a one a dem diss but a wull a dem a sink Leff them a shallow grave,dung yah then stink Open them head fi see weh them did a think Ronaldo foot when them yah gun yah kick(no) Big man a scream and bawl a never him We rifle nuh lean pon wall a wah yuh think Blood affi leak pon tar(yeah) Tell them fi nuh start(pull up dat) Jahshii them dead now A mi favorite part If me neighbor a mi enemy,mi neighbor head part Bwoy chest a explode like grenade a let off A couple more fi dead and couple never check off
(Repeat Chorusx2)

[Hook] When,when,when we deh step When,when,when we deh step When,when,when we deh step Jahshii them dead now When,when,when we deh step When,when,when we deh step When,when,when we deh step Jahshii them dead now
[Outro] (Pull up dat)

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