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With You

by Kalado

With You lyrics with English Translations

[Chorus] It feels I’m stuck with you Whenever I f**k with you Youuu The day I end up with you I gained my luck with you Youuu Let’s drink and have a cup with you Looking so sharp amma cut with you Youuu
[Verse 1] Ye She like mine and I like hers Natural beauty wid di right curves Chocolate skin color teeth white pearls Here we go together loving like birds Got me singing night nurse Cause when I’m hurt she my nurse Am on a height feel like herbs Wrapped up in her arms she my friend
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Ye And if she’s not down to Earth For me it’s not going to work No wound for me stays cause I can’t be hurt I love you so much and am about the worth She’s a golden quality from out the dirt Who got me thinking from the amount of skirts If amma fold then amma bounce on her Even on a Sunday got me going to church
(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro] Aaaahhh ooooouuu Aaaahhh ooo-oouuu You-u-u You-u-u Youuuu You-u-u You-u-u

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"With You" Song Info

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