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X' Him

by Moyann

X' Him lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yeah Yea-yeaah
[Verse 1] Yuh mek mi regret seh mi love yuh Regret di memories and di day weh mi trust yuh Honestly yuh nuh duh sh*t fi mi suh why cuff yuh Dii door wide open now dat a yo chance fi find another like mi f**k yuh and everything yuh tell mi dat yuh gon’ be Now yuh understand seh good p**sy don’t free Karma is a b*tch shi wi know how fi deal wid yu
[Chorus] Mi put a X pon yuh name Right now caa mi dun wid yuh Nuh time fi waste fi gi yuh space inna mi life duh Weh yuh waah fi suh (waah fi duh) Yuh new gyal shi nuh inna my league Want yuh weh anuh supm weh mi need Put a X pon yuh name right now Caah mi done wid yuh (done wid yuh)
[Post-Chorus] Yeah, yeah-yeah, Put a X pon yuh name caah mi dun wid yuh
[Verse 2] Mi nuh carousel mi naah carry nuh baggage Mi know mi worth mi know mi betta dan di average Yuh seh mi f**k yuh nuh si mi side weh savage Cyaah hurt mi den a come a try fi fix di damage Naah fi give sure seh mi naah fi get All di lies dem yuh tell Now a my time fi find happiness Wid nuh man problem yuh know a girl naah guh stress Yeaahh
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Post-Chorus (2x)

[Outro] Duh weh yuh waah fi duh put a X pon yuh name Caah mi dun wid yuh Yeah mi dun wid yuh yeah mi dun wid yuh Put a X pon yuh name yeah mi dun wid yuh (oohh) Yeah mi dun wid yuh Right now mi a cut Caah mi dun wid yuh Put a X pon yuh name (yeaah) yeah Yeah

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