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Cool It

by Spice

Cool It lyrics with English Translations

[Verse 1] Any man a f**k mi haffie know fi do him ting (Any man f**king me have to know to do his thing) Gi yuh mi pum pum yuh pop off mi G-string (Give you my vagina you pop off my G-string) Bruise it, Mek mi fan it, (Make me fan it) Have mi finger dem a swing (Have my fingers swinging) Mek mi cool it pon di ice like a likkle penguin (Make me cool it on the ice like a little penguin) Ben’ mi back and c**k it up right yah so, (Bend me back and hoist it up right up here,) Mi nuh care (I don’t care) Stab it like a spare, (Stab it like a spare,) Mi crick mi neck, pop out mi hair (I cricked my neck, popped out my hair) It a bun mi, (It’s burning me) Nah no fear, buss it up and make it tear (Don’t have no fear, burst it up and make it tear) Mi will cool it dung and live all pon the ice like polar bear (I will cool it down and live all o the ice like Polar Bear)
[Chorus] Cool it, cool it dung (Cool it, cool it down) Cool it, cool it dung (Cool it, cool it down) Cool it, cool it dung (Cool it, cool it down) Mi a cool it down, mi haffi cool it dung (I’m cooling it down, I have to cool it down) Because him say mi feel like paradise (Because he say I feel like paradise) Mi give him once and him come back twice (I gave him once and he came back twice) Seh it hard fi go in, that's why it burn (Said it’s hard to go in, that’s why it burn) Cool it wid piece ah ice (Cool it with piece of ice) Him say mi small like the dot pon the dice (He said I’m small like the dot on the dice) Mi give him once and him come back twice Hard fi go in, that’s why it burn (Hard to go in, that’s why it burns) Cool it wid piece ah ice (Cool it with piece of ice)
[Verse 2] Any man weh get mi haffi wuk mi p**sy long (Any man that gets me have to work my p**sy long) Mi no wah no deady-deady, softy-softy man (I don’t want no deady-deady softy-softy man) Haffie beat it up, kill mi wid di John (Have to beat it up, kill me with the d**k) Mek him stop till mi haffi breeze it, cool it up unda di fan (Make him stop till I have to breeze it, cool it up under the fan) If yuh buddy big yuh haffi know fi mek mi cum (If your d**k is big you have to know to make me cum) Man fi know fi ram mi punney, beat it till it bun (Man should know to juck my vagina beat it till it burn) Dis a mussie lava cause it hotta dan di sun (This must be lava cause it’s hotter than the sun) Haffi mek mi run fi piece ah ice an’ cool it dung (Have to make me run for piece of ice and cool it down)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] One ting mi know, (One thing I know) Mi know fi move my body (I know to move my body) Rock it tuh di side an’ a boom pon buddy (Rock it to the side and booming on d**k) Bumper c**k up an’ mi know fi tan tuddy (Ass hoist up and i know to balance steady) Gyal a watch, a my style dem a study (Girl is watching, it’s my style they are studying) Him have mi outta control, (Him have me out of control,) Mek mi a sweat and roll (Make me sweating and roll) I need something cold, something cold, I need something cold
(Repeat Chorus)

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"Cool It" Song Info

  • 1K+
  • November 2, 2018
  • Spice,

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