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Gyallis Class

by Govana

Gyallis Class lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Ah World Boom (It’s World Boom) Some ah unuh bwoy fi stop call (Some of you boys need to stop calling) Man name to di gyal dem (Man names to their girls) If yuh ah look di gyal look di gyal (If your trying to get a girl, try to get the girl) An’ stop call up badman name (And stop calling Gangster’s name) An’ stop tell lie pon di gyal dem body parts (And stop telling lie on the girls’ body parts) Some a uno need fi guh back a class (Some of y’all need to go back to class)
[Verse 1] Gyaliss class (Player class) Look learn and excel Gyal thief graduate (Girl thief graduates) Gyal clown get expel (Whipped males gets expel) Any bwoy yuh si luv (Any boy you see love) Su Su Su Su (Talking) Like gyal, a bay lie pon gyal p*ssy (Like girl, a lot of lies on girls p*ssy) Dem tell (They tell) Man a war ova oman (Man is fighting over woman) An’ get him head shell (And get shot in his head) Now a nada man a bruck inna dat (Now another man is cuming in that) Like egg shell Naah hear mi pree Didi (Not hearing me preying on Didi) Cause a Rachelle Yuh mussi mad (You must be mad) Bwoy get dis inna yuh brain cell (Boy get this in your brain cell)
[Chorus] Doe war yuh fren ova nuh gyal (Don’t fight your friend because any girl) (Noo) Doe lose yuh head ova nuh gyal (Don’t lose your head because any girl) (Noo) Nuh buss nuh mac-10 ova nuh gyal (Don’t burst any Mac-10 for any girl) (Noo) Drop a jail issa a nada man a ben ova yuh gyal (Reach in jail, another man) (Is bending over your girl) An’ doe tell nuh lie pon nuh gyal vaggi (And don’t tell any lies on any girl’s vagina) Watch eh pumz (Watch the vagina) Doe spy pan eh gyal (Don’t spy on the girl) Tap eh (Stop it) An’ doe diss yuh mada fi nuh gyal (And don’t diss your mom for any girl) A every baddi sinting dat (That’s everyone’s thing) Anuh fi yuh gyal (It’s not your girl)
[Verse 2] Some juvenile Claim dem a gyaliss (Claim they are players) Wull place dem run thru (Whole place they go through) Now one gyal (Now one girl) F**k up di wull crew (F**ked up the whole crew) Mek man a pass one a nada (Make men are passing each others) An’ a screw (And having a angry face) Man a tell him fren a him face (Man is telling his friend it’s his face) Him waan fi buss him gun thru (He wants to burst a shot in) A suh di man dem weak tuh di flesh? (That’s how these men are weak to the flesh?) Dawg yuh shouldn’t reach yassuh (Dog, you shouldn’t have reached here) Dat a true (That’s true) Memba seh pum pum cut inna two (Remember that vagina is cut into two) An’ half a fi me an’ half you (And half is for me and half for you) Suh (So)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Yow Quantanium (Yo Quantanium) Batta ears gyal dem luv spend pon (Skank girls they love spending on) Wah dem bwoy deh fi get? (What should those boys get?) Suspension Shi call a next mon (She calls a next man) Wen yuh sen she credit (When you send her credit) Him too fool fool (He’s too fool) Gi him waan’ Demerit (Give him a Demerit)
[Verse 4] Yuh anuh gyaliss (You’re not a player) Please stop pretend fam (Please stop pretending fam) Gi gyal bay money (Give girl a lot of money) Can’t even si dem tong (Can’t even see their tong) Rent due (Rent is due) A you shia depend pon (It’s you she’s depending on) Di bwoy a idiot sir (The boy is an idiot) Gi him a detention (Give him a detention)
[Outro] No No No No No No No

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