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Here comes trouble

by Chronixx

Here comes trouble lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Welcome Why oh why, oh why Hey, ah, Chronixx Left, right, Jah soldiers a come (Left, right, God’s soldiers are coming) Left, right Hey a weh ha whey.. Oeh yeah, ah bwoy (Oeh yeah, ah boy)

[Chorus] An dem seh here comes trouble (And they said here comes trouble) Here comes the danger Sent by the Savior, welcome the Rasta youths I an I a start recruit soldiers fi Selassie I army, hey (I’m starting to recruit soldiers for Selassie I army, hey) Here comes trouble, here comes the danger Welcome the Savior, welcome the Rasta youths Yuh nuh haffi ask is who (You don’t have to ask who is it) A di general issuing a warning (It’s the general issuing a warning)

[Verse 1] Jah people dem a bawl seh dem tiad a mediocre (God’s people are crying that they are tireed of mediocre) Evil a guh fall wen wi trod inna Ethiopia (Evil is going to fall when we trod in Ethiopia) Believing from dawn 'caw dem life nuh easy 'bout yah (Believing from dawn because their life are not easy around here) Even Banton seh it's not a easy road (Even Banton said it's not an easy road) Operation occupy the motherland Calling all soldiers to kindly trod along From creation it write inna Jah plan (From creation it was written in God’s plan) But Chronixx cyaah do it alone (But Chronixx can’t do it alone) So I'm recruiting soldiers coming from near an' far by truth Executing Selassie I works an' build Rastafari troops

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Waving the banner red, green and gold It is such a honor prophecies unfold Discovered on stones, an' trees, an' scrolls And even in the stories that Jesus told Rasta youth must inherit the earth Cyaan sit down, Jah Jah seh mi fi work (Can’t sit down, God said I must work) Bring the fire inna ground, Jah Jah, seh mi fi purge (Bring the fire in the ground, God said I must purge) But I cyaan do it alone (But I can’t do it alone) Rasta recruiting soldiers coming from near and far I choose Executing Selassie I works and build Rastafari troops

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Left, right, Jah soldiers a come Left, right, Jah soldiers a come Hey, coulda never throw wi down, woo-woo, yeah (Hey, could never throw us down, woo-woo, yeah) An' we say left, right, Jah soldiers a come (And we say left, right, God’s soldiers are coming) Left, right, Jah soldiers a come (Left, right, God’s soldiers are coming) Left, right, marching on, woyah An me seh, here comes trouble, my friend (And I say, here comes trouble, my friend) An' here comes danger Rastafari send mi come, I seh we sent by the Savior (Rastafari sent me, I said we were sent by the Savior) Here comes trouble, my friend, here comes danger Woo, woo.. hey

(Repeat Chorus)

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