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Life We Living

by Vybz Kartel

Life We Living lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Jamaica we need a way Tell mi Mill A how mi youth fi survive? How mi fi send him go school in this time If mi don't make money? Di politician come pon tv A show we this big pretty smile Nuttin' nuh funny (nuh funny, nuh funny)
[Hook] Look pon di life we living Look pon di life we living Look pon di life we living Is a betta way we seekin' Look pon di life we living Look pon di life we living Look pon di life we living Nuttin' nuh funny (nuh funny, nuh funny)
[Verse 1] Mi haffi hide from the landlord Because mi owe 'bout four months rent Weekend a come mi nuh have a red cent Cry mi cry when mi hear mi son seh And di likkle money weh mi have done spend Di last grand mi have mi pay di light But Water Commission cut mi pipe again (Hmmm)
[Pre-Hook] Di garrison need a betta way And a betta life (fi wi pickney dem) Society... Please don't condemn di ghetto to hell, just...
(Repeat Hook)

[Verse 2] Big woman ting Notin nah gwaan Ghetto youth haffi siddung pon di corna Some a we a hustle Some a beg a chump change Society please make me see better days Mi go fi buy a bagga frass but cigarette raise All we a cry dem a gi we deaf ears Then if di times so hard right now Wah goh gawn inna the country inna ten years (Hmmm)
(Repeat Pre-Hook)

(Repeat Hook)

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