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Like Glue

by Sean Paul

Like Glue lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, feel dat track now, yeah yeah Sean-A-Paul, Suh mi guh suh den (So I went like this)
[Chorus] Well I don't really care what people say I don't really watch what dem waan do Still I got to stick to my girls like glue And I man nah play number two All I know the time it is getting dread Need a lot of trees up in my head Got a lot of damsel in my bed to run dat re-eeeddd!!!!
[Verse 1] Well enough likkle girl dem out di road , dem got di goody goody (Well enough girls are out there, they got the goody goody) One ting mi haffi tell dem Dutty got di woody woody (One thing I have to tell them, Dutty have the woody woody) Frontway backway Dutty K man have di shooby shooby (From the front, from the back, man have the shooby shooby) Virgin dem waan gimme and mi have to tooky tooky (Virgin they want to give me and I have to tooky tooky) Hot girls outta road a seh dem si mi si mi (Hot girls out there say they are seeing me) And a tell mi seh dem have sum'n fi gimme gimme (And telling me that they have something to give me) How much time a night dem all a dream bout di jimmy jimmy (How many times at night they're dreaming about the jimmy jimmy) Dem a promise and a tell mi seh a fi mi fi mi (They're promising, an telling me that it's mine) But a promise is a comfort to a fool, so cool Well yuh dun know seh dat man haffi rule, di school (Well you already know that man have to rule the school) We nuh pet dem just wet dem up just like a pool (We don't pet them, just wet them up like a pool) And a dignitary wi haffi use up wi tool (And it's dignitary, we have to use up our tools)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] So how can they waah big up dem chest (So how can they want to boast) But they dun know Dutty Cup wi deh yah rated as di best (But they already know Dutty cup is here rated as the best) A wouldn't they love to see Sean-A-Paul dissed We nuh cater fi nuh guy and only girls wi a request (We don't cater for guys and we're only requesting girls) So gimme di gal dem, yo and every minute I'm wid it (So give me the girls, yo, and every minute I'm with it) Fi get di gal dem exquisite and get dem regular visit (To get the girls exquisite and get them regular visits) Just gimme di gal dem, now dem all a pressure mi cellular (Just give me the girls, now all of them are pressuring my cellular) Seh a mi a di dappa dem waan fi be dem big poppa (Said I'm the dappa, they want to be their big poppa) Gimme di gal dem, after di chronic we tek a drag (Give me the girls, after the chronic, we take a drag) And I don't mean to brag every day I got to shag Gimme di gal dem, everytime I look inna my mind (Give me the girls, every time I look in my mind) It's only girls dat weh mi find and true mi love dem design (It's only girls I find and because I love their design)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Some guy a live dem life and dem nuh really waah check it (Some guys are living their life and don't want to check it) Dem nah nuh girl, nuh wife, nuh woman dem nah select it (They have no girls, no wives, no women, they're not selecting it) Sometime mi haffi wonder if dem headset dem wreck it (Sometimes I have to wonder if their headset, if they wrecked it) Jah know dem ago bun well if dem don't waan correct it (God knows they're going to burn, well if they don't want to correct it) So please, dem nuh wannabees Dem hangout wid too much dogs and ketch fleas (The hangout with too much dogs and caught fleas) Dem nuh waan nuh honey, dem only waan di money (They don't want no honey, they only want the money) Dat's how mi know seh dem bwoy deh all a move funny (That's how I know those guys are behaving funny) Look like dem lost, living in di past (Looks Like they're lost living in the past) One ting mi haffi tell dem: Sorry, ma (One thing I must tell them, Sorry ma) Dem better move fast, before we get crass (They better move fast, before we get angry) Badman nuh cater fi dem just because, mi guh suh den (Gangsta doesn't cater for them just because, I went like this then)
(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

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