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by Koffee

Lockdown lyrics with English Translations

[Chorus] Where will we go? When di quarantine ting done and everybody touch road? (When quarantine is over and everyone can go out) Mommy, mi guh NASCAR (Mommy I went Nascar) Pull up in a fast car A nuh false start (It isn't a false start) Mek yuh and di boss par (Let you and the boss roll) I know you’re feeling me You know I’m feeling you So what now we fi do (So now what are we supposed to do? )

[Verse 1] Aye fancy (Hey fancy) How yuh heart stay, it nah nuh vacancy? (How is your heart? Does it have vacancy?) Last time si yuh pan FaceTime (Last time I saw you on FaceTime ) Chatting up di place (Talking a lot) Bout yuh nuh want relationship (Saying you not wanting any relationship ) Mi aguh put yuh pon lock down (I'm going to put you on lockdown) Put yuh body pon lockdown (Put your body on lockdown ) Mmm (Mhmm ) You got me pon lock now (You've got me on lockdown) You got my passion unlocked wow If you love me You should let me You should let me You should let me know And if you don’t now (And if not now) Betta fi let me (It's better you let me know) Betta fi let me (It's better you let me) A betta yuh let me go (Then it's better you let me go) Pulling up, pulling up, pulling up Nuh badda deal wid di bagga long talking (Don't bother with a lot of talking) Mi know fi now wi a chill ina apartment (I know for now we are chilling in an apartment) Hope you don’t mind me asking

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Say you want travel (Said you wanted to travel) We guh Hope Valley (We went to Hope Valley ) Say yuh hoping your luv a nuh just no tally (Said you're hoping your love isn't a tally) Mek mi heart full, that’s why mi luv you Totally (Made my heart fill, that’s why I love you Totally ) Duh mi own ting and mi nuh trouble nobody (Doing my own thing and I don't trouble anyone) And we watching out (And we are watching out) Pon di patio (On the patio) And di neighbor dem a watch we now (And the neighbors are watching us now) Swing and me nuh miss like Pacquiao (Swang and I didn't miss like Pacquiao) Wah yuh fiending for? Hot Koffee yow (What are you fiending for? Hot Coffee yoo) Watch ya now ( Look here now) Watch ya now (Look here now) All yuh want talk bout a matrimony (All you want to talk about is Matrimony) Any ting yuh want Koffee got di money (Any thing that you want Koffee has the money) Mi give yuh me heart beg yuh tek it from me (I'm giving you my heart, please take it from me)

(Repeat Chorus)

[Outro:] Baby are you feeling me? Cause I'm really feeling you Baby are you feeling me? Cause I'm really feeling you I'm a pull up in my fast car Pull up in my fast car

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