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Pretty Ugly

by Stalk Ashley

Pretty Ugly lyrics with English Translations

[Verse 1] I’ve been so broken hearted There’s been so much on my mind Give your heart to some baddi How could love be so damn blind You say you really love me But I know you nuh really love me Have you ever seen a trophy compete Mi nuh mek yuh complete A betta wi jus leave
[Chorus] Love is only homey a go wish you the best How you mad at me cause mi nuh sekkle fi less Truth pretty ugly bet yuh would let me go if you love me Seh yuh like my smile and yuh like my style And yuh cling on to me sumn like my child Duh nuh tell mi nuh cause I gave you time
[?] Love is only homey a go wish you the best Gi yuh everything but yuh jus’ leave mi fi less Truth pretty ugly bet yuh woulda let me go if you love me
[Bridge] But your not like me Why don’t you love me I know you don’t (Cause you don’t cause you don’t)
[Verse 2] Taught it was a link up I would neva think dat You the one I think of Nights I have a kick back We were more than friends I was out here doggy paddling in swimming pools Not realising you the one I’m swimming to I tried to leave you alone am not so good at romancing
[?] Ooou I got [?] like a love yuh gyal Please Twenty four century energy nuh want be pon har knee Toxic yuh waan’ be toxic Mommy you talking sickly you need some a di c-c-c**ky You should have my pickney dem Hooker and securities don’t determine these I know you want your dolla You still can have ambition and still be a mama Sumn every baddi proud of But maybe you..
(Repeat Bridge)

[Verse 3] You the only one I needed But wheneva mi call yuh neva be there You switch on me like the season f**k you mean mi neva love you Wen you leff my heart bleeding

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"Pretty Ugly" Song Info

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