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Switch it up

by Protoje

Switch it up lyrics with English Translations

[Chorus] Dem seh dem love wi but dat a yesterday (They said they love us but that is yesterday) Get weh dem want and switch it?up?already (Got what they want and switched it up already) Dem nah go?draw we out (They aren’t gonna draw us out) Oh no not?today It not so easy fi drain mi energy (It’s not that easy to drain my energy) Cause blessings Follow?anywhere?where?we dey A good?we good with?everybody Nuh nuh nuttin deh ya fi seh (No nothing isn’t here to say)
[Verse 1: Protoje] Hey, hey, hey Women dem royal, soldier dem loyal (Women royal,Solidiers loyal) Casual or formal, dem style ya nuh normal (Causual or formal, these style aren’t normal) Flow dem immortal more than a draw full (yeah) (Our flows immortal more than a draw load (yeah)) Riddim dem awful wicked an lawful an’ we not stopping (no) (Riddims are awful wicked and lawful and we aren’t stopping (no)) A nuh time fi no stop light (It isn’t time for stop light) Man a travel at top speed But this a di top flight (But this is the top flight) Dis a di big league (This is the big league) So every eight bar or sixteen is a big deal Food for your thought a nuh kids meal (Food for your thought it isn’t kids meal) Package it proper it big seal Recipe of a master Dem boy deh caan boil wata (Those boy can’t boil water) Cooking up a recipe of disaster Dat a di reason dis a mi season (That’s the reason this is my season) Dem a degrees of torture carry di torch (They are degrees of torture carry the torch) A different peak Suh regula people nuh walker (So regular people not walker) Mi a compete with me past self (I’m competing with my past self) Dat is what making mi sharper (That is what making me sharper) Di more we achieve every quarter (The more we achieve every quarter) Way before we make a quarter Always have heart, so when times hard We pick up and we a go harder None a me people nuh starve (yeah yeah) (None of my people doesn’t starve (yeah yeah)) Me have di world in my palm (I have the world in my palm) Tek it an bring it a yard yeah yeah yeah (Take it and bring it at home yeah yeah yeah)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Bridge: Chronixx] Dem say dem love weh!
[Verse 2: Koffee Protoje ] Weh de pon target, reggae the top of di market (We’re on top of the target, reggae is on the top of the market) If there is ever a problem Listen diggy album an dat goodly solve it (Listen Diggy’s album and that probably solve it) We attire clean weh yuh say ike (yeah) (Our attire clear what did you say Ike (yeah)) We nuh go with flow we a head height (We don’t go with flow we are head light) Seh we a hold it down like Jhedai}} (Said we are holding it down Jhedai) Couple shows, couple dates pon di road (Couple shows, couple dates on the road) Suh nuh bed an di don just come in pon (So no bed, and the boss just came in on) A red eye roll celebral flow In my head I go try reach me now but my cell line slow I'd keep it lowest like where i'd go Try teach me how but I said i know People know me like hell like how I need to kno promise wen I show (I need to know promise when I see) I collect my dough do my ting an go (I collect my dough do my thing and go) Doh? From you say hello proto the world know to (Right? From you said hello pronto the world knows to) Dem wah moto touch down UK sell out show (They want Moto touch down UK and sell out show) Two minista of culture wi get some vote (Two minister of culture we got some vote) A regula we haffi transit thru airport (It’s regular we have to transit through airport) An becuz wi outstanding (And because we are outstanding) Two airforce couldn't We get where me belong me too engrossed An if me ever drop a song diggy reinforce (yeah) (And if I ever drop a sing Diggy reinforce (yeah)) Strong like a tonic beat di drum an den play di harmonica (Strong like a tonic, beat the drum and then go try play the harmonica) Diggy don di baddest on di planet-huh (Diggy Don is the baddest on the planet-huh) Supersonic tougher dan a granitor (Supersonic tougher than a granitor) Wi a professor dem a di janitor (We are proffessors they are the janitors) Oppressa dem a fret an a panic so (Oppressors are fretting and panicking) You nuh see di difference a di caliber (You haven’t see the difference of the Caliber) nothin less dan atomic wen we drop it (Nothing less than atomic when we drop it) automatic huh
(Repeat Chorus)

[Bridge: Chronixx] Dem seh dem love weh! (They said they love us!)

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