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by Koffee

Raggamuffin lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Mmhmm (Frankie Music) (Yaaw hear mi?) ((Are you hearing me?)) Frankie
[Verse 1] Raggamuffin reggae beat yeh Dancehall pan di street yeh (Dancehall on the streeet yeh) Cyaah stall nor defeat, 2030, (Can’t stall nor defeat, 2030,) Wi still a dweet (We’re still doing it) Every stage show, Wi still a keep (We still keeping) Every big song deh pan repeat (Every big song is on repeat) Dem a respond inna dem feet (They respond in their feet) Dem a clap hands inna dem teeth (They are clapping hands in their teeth) Mi gi dem heart attack inna mi halter back (I’m giving them heart attack in my halter back) A nuff style mi have (I have a lot of style) Dem cyaah alter dat (They can’t alter that) Mi start a track (I started a track) An’ den mi start attack (And then I started an attack) Suh weh dem ago do right after a dat (So what are they going to do right after that) Mi only spit lyrics nuh really talk a lot (I only spit lyrics don’t really talk a lot) Only know wi touch down (Only know we touch down) Lik quarter back (Like quarter back) Palmer count up di money (Palmer count the money) Gi mi half a dat (Give me half of that) Mi could ah dweet fi di hype (I could have did it for the hype) But mi rather not (But I rather not) It give mi joy fi write rhyme pan beat (It gives me joy to write rhyme on beat) Lay it down like white line pan street (Lay it down like white line on street) Music sweet a juss like one treat (Musuc sweet it’s just like a treat) Drop it hotter dan island heat (Drop it hotter than island heat) Yeh a mi gi di island flow (Yes I Give the island flow) Or it couldah be Digicel I don't know (Or it could’ve been Digicel, I don’t know) Hear some people seh I done grow (Hear some people said I’ve finished growing) Tell dem hold on cause time gawn show (Tell them hold on cause time’s going to show) Kicky kicky like a Balotelli Hear seh mi look better pan a tele (Herd that I look better on the Tele) Gi mi di world and mi aguh shell it (Give me the world and I’m going to shell it) Dat a mi dream but dis anuh nelly (That’s my dream but this isn’t Nelly) Gi mi di riddim an’ a chop it a chop (Give me the riddim and it’s chopping) Wen mi finish if it hot it a drop (When I’m finished if it’s hot it’s gonna drop) Know seh mi voice affi proper pan dat (Know that my voice have to be proper on that) Badmind sidung and a plot an attack (Envious people sit down planning an attack)
[Chorus] A di reggae music causing di comotion (It’s the reggae music causing the comotion) Wen di music hit, (When the music hits,) Mi come in like a potion (I come in like a potion) Woy, mmhmm, alright Yeh mi ave di waves (Yes I have the waves) Neva stuck inna di ocean (Never stuck in the ocean) Koffee ave di style dem (Koffee have the styles) Smootha a lotion (Smoother than a lotion) Woy, mmhmm
[Verse 2] Anuh everybody got di keys sah (Not everybody got the keys sir) But mi ave it wid mi see it yah (But I have it with me, here is it) Give ceaser waah fi ceaser (Give ceaser What is for ceaser) Give di youths dem a feature (Give the youths a feature) Wat a gwaan a Jamaica (What is going on in Jamaica) Parliament tun di paper (Parliament turns the paper) Fi ghetto youths them nuh cater (For ghetto youths they don’t cater) Dats why di country nuh safer (That’s why the country isn’t safer) Hear seh di guns dem pile out here (Heard that the guns are piled out here) Hear nuttin much mek yuh smile out here (Hearn nothing much makes you) (Smile out here) Hear seh di youths dem wild out here (Heard that the youth wild out here) Money caan run fi a mile out here Hear seh di government vile out here (Heard that the government is vile out here) Ghetto tears long, river Nile out here (Ghetto tears long river Nile’s out here) Youths a tun inna last smile out here (Youths are turning in last smile out here) Dats why dem send fi a child out here (That’s why they sent for a child) (Out here) An’ mi humble enuh (And I’m humble) But mi hype pan di beat (But I’m hype on the beat) Look out fi Koffee, (Look our for Koffee,) Mi live pan eeh street (I live on the street) Mi a five feet, but mi sharp like teeth (I’m five feet, but I’m sharp like teeth) Koffee mi name suh mi born wid heat (Koffee’s my name so I was born with heat) Mi tek di heat and mi melt weh di ice (I’ve took the heat and I’ve melt) Inna politician heart mek (In politician’s heart Let) Dem start pay price (They start playing price) Juvenile march out nuff like plain rice (Juveniles march out enough like plain rice) Guh fi any politician weh nah play nice (Go for any politician that’s not playing nice)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3] Tell dem fi sekkle (Tell them to settle) Dah heat yah hot like a kettle (This heat is bad like a kettle) Wi culture strong like a leather pan (Our culture is strong like a leather pan) Wallabee wid eh cheddar (Wallabee with the cheddar) Music a shot like a mattic (Music is shooting like matic) Traffic a block wen wi at it (Traffic is blocking when we’re at it) Wi nuh soft lik nuh tissue (We aren’t soft like a tissue) Suh ask dem now waah di issue (So aks them now what is the issue)
(Repeat Chorus)

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