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by Koffee

Blazin lyrics with English Translations

[Intro: Koffee] Put di flame to di diesel (Put the flame to the diesel) Ketch a fyah, mek it burn (Catch a fire, make it burn) Seh a prayer anyweh yuh turn (Say a prayer anywhere you turn) If wi nuh teach dem (If we don’t teach them) How dem a guh learn? (How are they going to learn) (Yeah) Leader dem nuh concern (Leaders don’t concern) Waa know wa dem can earn (Want know what they can earn) Ghetto youths stan’ firm (Ghetto youths stand firm)
[Verse 1: Koffee] Wen yuh lifestyle's like di matrix (When your lifestyle’s like the matrix) An’ yuh always dress up in di latest (And you always dressed up in the latest) Travel guh everywhere ina spaceship (Travel go everywhere in spaceship) How di ghetto youths yuh fi relate wid? (How the ghetto youths you should relate with?) (Yeah) Tek a step ina wi shoe (Take a step in our shoe) Spanish Town weh wi grew (Spanish Town that we grew) Big up Eltham View (Hail up Eltham View) Hawt around (Hot around) Wah dem a duh when wi not around? (What are they doing when we aren’t around?) Mek dem belly a get suh fat around (Make their belly getting so fat around) Suh wi look an’ si seh dem a vagabond (So we look and see that they are vagabond) Fight fi wi rights nuh di likes ina life (Fight for our rights not the likes in life) Suh mek dem fight wi out (So make them fight we out) An’ come light wi up (And come light we up) Since dem did so hell bent (Since they were so hell bent) (Yeah) Jane Macgizmo tell dem (Jane Macgizmo tell them)
[Chorus: Jane Macgizmo] Light mi up I'm at di gas station waitin' (Light me up I’m at the gas station waiting) We're di ones on fyah, (We’re the ones on fire,) Got di whole world blazin' (Got the whole world blazing) Wi are di fyah (We are the fire) Fyah full of luv (Fire full of love) (We are the fire) Fyah full of luv (Fire full of love)
[Verse 2: Koffee] Full wi full a fyah (Full we are full of fire) (Uh, yeah) Tell dem watch eh wire (Tell them watch the wire) (Uh, yeah) Need more shelters for the homeless How yuh adding acres pon yuh home (How you adding acres on your home) Get some million and put it pon di road (Get some million and put it on the road) Have it in yuh pocket and in yuh abode (Have it in your pocket and in your abode) Listen to mi ode, come in like a odor (Listen to my ode, come in like a odor) Suh just watch who gon’ cover dem nose, (So just watch who going to cover their nose,) Yeah Fyah, mi come wid di fyah, (Fire, I’m coming with the fire,) Mi come wid di fyah (I come with the fire) Bun dem pon mi entry (Burn them on my entry) Yuh nuh hear seh a wi di people sen’ fi (You don’t hear that it’s us the people send for) An’ wi a action pack wi speech nuh lengthy (And we are action pack our speech not) (Lengthy) Woah, woah Wah dem gon do wen wi blow? (What they gone do when we blow?) Strategies overthrow Yeah dem light wi up an’ wi glow (Yeah they Light we up and we glow)
(Repeat Chorus: Jane Macgizmo)

[Verse 3: Koffee] More fyah fi di people (More fire for the people) Seh dem affi tap ina di heat too (Say they have to tap into the heat too) Youths dem seh wi gone a road (Youths say we gone at road) A wen dem si Koffee trappin' in di vehicle (When they see Koffee trapping in the vehicle) Tell dem get all aboard (Tell them get all abroad) An’ do not be stuck in di politics (And do not be stuck in the politics) Di rich waa get wi poorer now wat is dis? (The rich want get us poorer now what is this?) Affi Wackie Dip outta dem strategies (Have to Wackie Dip out their strategies) Wah duh di damages (Want do the damages) Suh wi cop a flight (So we cop a flight) Work hard an’ tek off like a satellite (Work hard and take off like a satellite) An’ wi heart full a luv like wi mother right (And our heart’s fill of love like our mother right) Show mi sister kindness, do mi brother right (Show my sister kindness, do my brother right) Cah wi have a right, mek wi elevate (Cause we have a right, make us elevate) Set di pace, fi wi run di place, (Set the pace, for us run the place) Lowe di dutty ways (Leave the dirty ways) Cut di money chase, (Cut the money chase,) Luk ina wi face, fyah wi a blaze up (Look in our face, fire we are blazing up)
[Chorus: Jane Macgizmo] Woah, oh, oh-oh-oh (Di gas station waitin') ((The gas station waiting)) Woah, oh, oh-oh-oh Woah, oh, oh-oh-oh (Wi got di whole world blazin') ((We got the whole world blazing)) Woah, oh, oh-oh-oh Wi are di fyah (We are the fire) Fyah full of luv (Fire full of love) (Woah-oh-oh, yeah) Wi are di fyah (We are the fire) Fyah full of luv (Fire full of love) (Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh)

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