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by Alkaline

Cree lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Detta way Yo countree a our country (Yo countree it’s our country) Know eh badness guh (Know how the badness goes) Countree Hype music Mhm
[Chorus] War cya bawl cree (War can’t cry cree) Tell craft man seh wi full a technique (Tell craftsman that we’re fill with technique) Mek him feel like seh (Let him feel like) Wi gud an’ den a R.I.P (We’re good and then it’s R.I.P) Show up a dem nine-night (Show up at their nine-night) Cah wi heart clean (Because our heart’s clean) Nuff a dem seh dem (A lot of them say they) Ah dweet but dem nah dweet like we (Are doing it but they’re not doing it like us) Gun dem nuff, a wah dem hear bout? (Guns are a lot, what did they hear about?) Warrior deh ya too, (Warrior is here too,) Weh dem hear bout? (What they hear about?) Open up eh tek and mek eh air out (Open up the Tek and make it air out) Everybaddi inna di way dem affi clear out (Everyone in the way, they have to clear out)
[Verse 1] Like switch duppy bat a flick (Like switch ghost bat is flicking) Nuh do di bagga lip (Don’t do a lot of talking) Nuh chattin, (No talking,) Nuh argue put shot inna dome (Don’t argue out shot in dome) Money nuffa dan Bogdanovich (Money’s more than Bogdanovich) An’ mi know some savage (And I know some savage) Weh nuh gi weh no chance (That doesn’t give away any chances) Bullet a send unno home (Bullet is sending y’all home) Guh fi mi choppa (yeah) (Go for my gun (yeah)) Suck unno madda (yeah) (Suck y’all mother (yeah)) We money tall buss eh case yeah (Our money’s y’all burst the case yeah) Mi link mi shotta (yeah) (I link my shooter (yeah)) An’ get a tracka (yeah) (And get a tracker (yeah)) Set up a bwoy inna him place now (Set up a boy in his place now) Still bad by mi lone (Still bad alone) Si mi one a way nuh entourage (See me one a way dont entourage) Mi bad by mi own (I’m bad by my own) But now mi rollin wid (But now I’m rolling with) Mi n*ggas weh head mad nuh even comb (My n*ggas that head’s mad not even combed) Couple steppa an’ couple tekka (Couple stepper and couple takers) Wi nuh laugh blase di chrome (We don’t laugh blasé the chrome) Wah dem fi do more dan fi drop (What should they do more than to drop) Head shot stop di gap (Head shot stops the gap) Buss mi gun and praise di lawd (Burst my gun and praise the lord) Nuh tell mi f**k bout nuh cop (Don’t tell me f**k about any cop) Dem youth yah coward and dem a p*ssy (These youths are coward and) (They are p*ssies) But not weh under frock (But not what’s under dress) Man guh circle pon dem block (Man went to their block) Watch head a open an’ guh knock (Watch head open and knock)
(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 2] Juvenile nah go trick mi (Juvenile not going to trick me) Step to mi wrong (Stepped to me wrong) How mi fi know seh him a pickney? (How should I know he’s a child) Me seh one inna di chamber Trigger finger itchy Weh dem a call down ambulance fah? (What are they calling ambulance for?) A hearse him ago waahh (He’s going to wang hearse) Betta unno bill (Better y’all chill) Cya even tek a joke (Can’t even take a joke) Suh yo a betta unno chill (So yo it’s better y’all chill) An’ from dem diss man a gunshot (And if they diss me their getting gunshot) All me gyal know di drill (Even my girl knows the drill) Buss it up, (Burst it up,) Buss it up pon dem buss it up, (Burst it up on them, Burst it up,) Buss it up pon dem (Burst up on them) Cause dis a no conference (Cause this isn’t conference) Action, aim an’ squeeze (Action, aim and squeeze) Shot a chap him body up inna fifty piece (Shot is chopping his body up in fifty pieces) Bwoy see him friend (Boy saw his friend) A drop and up to now cya believe (His friend dropping and can’t believe) Buss it up, buss it up pon dem buss it up, (Burst it up, Burst it up on them Burst it up,) Buss it up (Burst it up) Fi di enemy (For the enemy) Look like seh we only goodly feel (Look like we alone,probably feel) Wi nah have di remedy (We don’t have the remedy) A rubba pon di grip (A rubber on the grip) Mi press it up send dem a cemetery (I press it up and send them to cemetery) Poof and disappear Only thing lef a jus di memory, yeaahhh (Only thing leaved is just the memory,yeaahhh)
(Repeat Chorus)

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