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by Alkaline

Maniac lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Contract a weh yuh spend money Dawg a call him madda say him begging money (Pray fi we) Fly dem duppy anytime, anytime Bad b*tch Weh know fi tek buddy All of me dawg dem a make money Fly dem duppy anytime (Laugh)
[Bridge 1] Legendary dream (Yo) So much money she out fi turn inna a fiend (yeaa) Transform inna maniac Transform inna maniac Cream ye di cream How dem fi stop me? Me a do dis from me a teen (yeaa) Am off into a maniac Am off in
[Verse 1] Bad b*tch Spit pon e killa c**k Once me get the p**sy nah go see me back Early we go spin yo block Drop dem outta bed Matta inna eye turn dem inna idiot Body neat and the flat tummy (Dream) Grab me Lamborghini Ano like the buggy Everything expensive Worth every gyal yuh worth every Kitty splendid
[Chorus] Pour up did roll up already and me stone up Done give extra lessons now a A homework Fight all the python we still a show love? Brain a lose me focus Cause we wild, wild Drive by Fight night The amount a positive we do and dat nuh highlight Coulda all dead why dem a worry over my life Dem worry bout the wrong tings We kill uno, no try bright
[Verse 2] It is what it is We no give a f**k And we no care a who dem is Spliff dem loud yuh f**k me affi blend it with the medz Detta gang the baddest f**king crew inna the biz You Nuh see how we a live (hah) Machine eva ready Money inna every pocket
[Bridge 2] Transform inna maniac Transform inna maniac
[Verse 3] Top slut Whine yeah she grip the buddy A show she Gwaan cause yuh p**sy gummy Clap it up she clap it fimi Hood inna her mouth and she goggle dung e Back shot lift up e skirt Finger har first Pon e d**k she wah splirt Make har squirt Check fi she if she waterbed Vision a see part a piece paradise when time yuh part yuh leg Knock knock, Stiff c**k Cuh deh ass fat Da gyal deh bright fi come near look how yuh class dat Start Fi tremble mi touch har spot c**ky cum bout over twenty times and she nah back Can see it a who a bother dem Team up with the enemy and still see we no matter dem (mi no care) Want clout till it look bad Don’t even have no merit or no credit and a look badge
[Chorus] Pour up did roll up already and Me stone up Done give extra lessons now a A homework Why it come like say dem play out and den cold up Watch how yuh approach us Cause we wild wild Drive by fight night Fi think bout it, me critics need me fi a highlight Coulda all dead why dem a worry over my life Dem gyal a she a shine mine
((Repeat Bridge 1))

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