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Dior Kicks

by Tommy Lee

Dior Kicks lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Mhmmm Fulla gyal now Suh wi fulla gyal now Fulla gyal now Suh wi fulla gyal now Fulla gyal now Suh wi fulla gyal now Mhhmm
[Chorus 1] Dior kicks mek yuh gyal blow kiss Gyal a rub dung Want play inna mi rope twist Some bwoy seh dem run eh place Dem a Goat sh*t Sparta mi seh some like bwoy Fi know dis Fi wi style sick dan Covid Neva chop a gyal, Mek shi tell mi seh mi boring Mi love eh gyal dem wid eh bore tongue, Nose ring Demon gyal dem love suck soul still
[Verse 1] Gyalis like mi daddy Bagga gyal a call mi phone Two gyal a day yuh nuh si how mi roll Gyal dem want mi pick up dem But anuh cable flow Pick up and [?] yeah mi c**ky check di code Buss inna yuh belly A gunman inna yuh hole Suh mi knock eh, Suh mi knock eh, Suh mi drop inna eh socket Car jerk inna traffic Man deh suh mi a stab eh Siddung pon mi c**ky Gyal a nyam eh like a patty Cause
[Chorus 2] Sparta man dem a real top gyalis, Mi seh have mi dutty money, Bay gyal inna mi palace Boy si mi with him gyal And a ask a wah dis Shi seh anotha day my youth Please just vanish Man a gyalis Mia gyalis Top gyalis Man a gyalis Mia gyalis Mia gyalis Mia gyalis Mia gyalis Mhmmm Top man
[Verse 2] Mi unda semi mi a di Ceo di don Thirty model want fi rub mi dung Lakka fan Tru mi step out clean Inna bay name brand Ice pan mi neck data drip pan mi hand Thirty million mek eh spaceship land (Vroom) Mek yuh gyal start f**k Suck pon mi John Yuh time expire like Digicel plan Mi tek weh yuh gyal And mi neva yet scam (Gyal mi seh)
(Repeat Chorus 2)

(Repeat Chorus 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2 x2)

[Outro] Sparta Mi inna di jail Anuh di same Every boy feel but dem no feel none A my pain Inna fi mi and fi yuh heart Anuh fun steam Lock dung zeen Mhmmm

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"Dior Kicks" Song Info

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