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Talk A Di Town

by Tommy Lee Sparta

Talk A Di Town lyrics with English Translations

[Intro] Yow Chamba Mhmm Ye
[Verse 1: Tommy Lee Sparta] Jump inna di Range and start up Wid two RR bike and a Johncro From di team dem out yuh know a one guh Violate lucky you like Nanko Anyweh mi guh di street crank up And a straight Hennessy deh inna man cup Nuff cash real rich like Tanto Bay chrome skin gyal drop a man foot
[Chorus :Tommy Lee Sparta] Woii Wi a di talk a di town A we every baddi jussa pree Gyal dem a bawl fi di Sparta Don And a drop every panty on me Wi a duh it big couple Colombian and Guyanese Wi a duh it big
[Verse 2: Stylo G] Wi a dweet bigga dan di wull a Outside If anu German car mi nuh drive, big If a nuh my pool mi nuh dive, big Hotel know wen mi arrive Seh di minimum star pon eh door affi five Watch fifty fifty real note dweet like Escobar dem speed boat Mia sing note mi fren dem spin coke Nuh think seh a cars alone wi import pon di island quick Couple bad b*tch now a whine and split Big, now wi a dweet gigantic wi buy dat cash dem a waste dem time Dem a try finance it VVS watch mi chain diamond drip Wi di best di coil dem pile and thick Icon ship house like Tyson, cop dat nice one Ice pon right hand, big
(Repeat Chorus: Tommy Lee Sparta)

[Verse 3:Tommy Lee Sparta] Wi a dweet big dis a big league An’ nuhn a my dawgs dem nuh skin teeth Money deh yah nuff like a green leaf 4k vision up like a 3D Mi si it seh dem full up a jealousy f**k dem and dem feelings, Bank account bigga dan fi Lee chin Wi burning up di road like a green tea
(Repeat Chorus: Tommy Lee Sparta)

(Repeat Verse 1:Tommy Lee Sparta)

(Repeat Chorus: Tommy Lee Sparta)

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"Talk A Di Town" Song Info

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